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Karen Williams-Brusubardis  

Artist Bio

Growing up in rural western Wisconsin, I spent most of my childhood exploring the woods of my parents' 20+ acres of land. I was an introverted, quiet and sensitive child with a love of exploring both the world around me and the world inside my mind. After high school, I moved to Milwaukee to attend The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design where I received a BFA in painting 4 years later. Over the years, I've refined my aesthetic style of painting whimsical, yet meditative landscapes. Patterned with vibrant color combinations woven together with a paintbrush, a tapestry of intricate particle formations began to emerge in what I now call, my Particle Landscape series of acrylic paintings. Today, my paintings and drawings are reflections of my mind's journey through those childhood places where the remembered and the imagined intersect. My imagination influences my memories. What I choose to take with me from my past is altered over time by what I believe myself to be and what I want to become.

For inquiries regarding a painting or for a studio visit, I can be reached at Or, check out the events page for information on where and when my next event will be held.

Smaller paintings, Giclee reproductions on canvas and watercolor paper, jigsaw puzzles, 5x7 cards and 4x5 notecard sets are also available for purchase.