Karen Williams-Brusubardis

WB Artist Studio

207 E Buffalo St, suite 504

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Open Studio Hours:

Thursdays 1:00pm-5:00pm

Introspection of a Life Between

There is something satisfying when painting tiny shapes over and over.  It satiates. Each shape forms into a completed object, or particle, which then combines into a larger object. Each painting is a compound of these objects, glued together by a desire to create.  Particles repeat, overlap, layer, connect, weave together to make a larger object.  The particles are building blocks of color.  They have their own identity, but they also contribute to the identity of the whole.  And then, there is the space between each particle.

When I first heard of the Higgs Boson Particle, Higgs Field, or God Particle, my imagination went full steam.  A primordial glue that defines what we would come to understand as matter! The substance that unites us all into a whole composite organism! What are the implications of this discovery regarding our understanding of reality?  Imagination as a tool for manifestation never seemed so close to the truth. 

My paintings exist at the intersection of memory and imagination.  They pull from memories of places or experiences that had an impact on me.   I was born in a small town in Western Wisconsin to a mixed-race family.  My father, of Norwegian, Scotch Irish and French descent, was a retired mink rancher and biology teacher who served in the Navy during WW2. My mother is a Bolivian immigrant of Indigenous American, Spanish and Lebanese descent.  My parents were 23 years apart.  Worlds apart in not only geography, generations and ethnicity, but also in personality and politics.  I understood the appeal of both and my paintings reflect these influences: the rural countryside, the investigation into the natural world matched with the vibrant colors and whimsical imagery embedded in Bolivian textiles and mythology.

When I was 12, my father passed away.  My mother was forced to step into the role of father as well as mother. As a result, her Bolivian heritage naturally became a stronger influence on my identity. Living in the rural countryside of Western Wisconsin, this polarity in my identity continued to grow as well.  As a result of my identity existing between multiple worlds, I was consumed with trying to define what that between-space could be.  The Higgs Field, seemed to me, a breakthrough in understanding that space.  With that understanding came the realization that we are all unique stories of particles, a composite of unique DNA, experiences and thoughts glued together by some primordial substance that unites us all together into a universal fabric. 


BFA, Painting Major, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Milwaukee, WI


2016 Award Winner at The Midsummer Festival of Art, John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI

2018 Best of 2D Category, Monument Square Art Festival, Racine, WI

2019 First Place booth, Art and Chalk Festival, Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, WI